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Fueling Growth
Virtual Boardroom 

During the course of two days, over 24 global senior industry and technical leaders shared their insights relating to the essential fueling growth enablers which leaders need to consider in order to adapt and realign to the new economic and social era which we are all experiencing.

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Kevin Hasler
Executive Director, APCO Worldwide
Imad Adileh
Assurance & Advisory Leader, Grant Thornton Saudi Arabia

Forum Insights

Imad Adileh, Grant Thornton Saudi Arabia
Kevin Hasler, APCO Worldwide
Matt Adam-Smith, Grant Thornton Australia
Johanna Gani, Grant Thornton Indonesia
Prashant Mehra, Grant Thornton Bharat (India)
Aswatha Amarnath, Wipro Ltd
Philipp Pabst, Microsoft for startups MENA
Alex Bennett
Raja Lahiri, Grant Thornton Bharat (India)
Jon Ivan-Duke, Duke & Mir
Carla Slim, Standard Chartered Bank
Shahd Attar, Ministry of Investment
Jon Geldart, Institute of Directors
Sarah Croot, Grant Thornton International Ltd
Melanie Frean, Grant Thornton UK
Gabriele Labombarda, Bernoni Grant Thornton Italy
Torsten Schrimpf, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG.
Jérôme Sinelnikoff, Grant Thornton France
Peter Tavener, Hubpay
Punit Ghumra, Hubpay
George Allen, Instinctif Partners MENA
Jacqueline Akerblom, Grant Thornton LLP
Valerie Verdoni, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Daniel Maranhao, Grant Thornton Brazil


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Kevin Hasler
APCO Worldwide

Opening Address

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Imad Adileh
Grant Thornton Saudi Arabia

Economic Outlook

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Carla Slim
Standard Chartered Bank

The Tech Surge 

Aswatha Amarnath, Wipro Ltd
Philipp Pabst, Microsoft for start-ups MENA
Alex Bennett, former CEO Virgin Mobile MENA
Jon Ivan-Duke, Duke & Mir
Raja Lahiri, Grant Thornton Bharat (India)

Access new finance

Peter Tavener, Beehive Fintech
Punit Ghumra, Hubpay
George Allen, Instinctif Partners MENA

Global Perspective

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Sarah Croot
Grant Thornton International Ltd



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Daniel Maranhão
Grant Thornton Brazil
Matt Adam-Smith
Grant Thornton Australia



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Valérie Verdoni
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Canada
Jon Geldart
Institute of Directors



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Jerome Sinelnikoff
Grant Thornton France
Torsten Schrimpf
Warth & Klein Grant Thornton, Germany



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johanna Gani
Grant Thornton Indonesia
Prashant Mehra
Grant Thornton Bharat

Saudi Arabia

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Shahd Attar
Ministry of Investment


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Gabriele Labombarda
Bernoni Grant Thornton, Italy
Jacqueline Akerblom
Grant Thornton LLP

United States

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United Kingdom

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Melanie Frean
Grant Thornton UK

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Aldar Audit Bureau, Abdullah Al-Basri & Co. (‘Grant Thornton Saudi Arabia’), is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd. As one of the world's leading accounting and consulting firms we offer comprehensive assurance, tax and specialist advisory services to privately held businesses and public interest entities who span across a wide range of industries. With over 30 years of experience in Saudi Arabia, we understand the needs of businesses who are dynamic, having worked with clients who range in size and industry. Our personalised local approach coupled with our global reach makes


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